Friday, August 22, 2008

My Coupon Organizer Made Frugal!

Well I just started this couponing adventure and already I know I have to get organized. I don't have a lot of money to go out and buy something so here is what I put together with what I already had on hand at home. I really like it. I would someday like to buy a notebook that is zippered and has a handle on it, but for now this will do!
This is an old notebook that was holding something that I did not need anymore.

This is the inside. My folder has two pockets. In the bottom one, I keep two envelopes marked Giveaway and Expired Coupons. I have two places that I place coupons that I do not plan to use and trade for some others I want in the boxes. I also send expired coupons to Cherie, who collects them for military families who can use them up to two months after they expire! Also, in the front is a pencil holder which I keep some scissors, pencil, pen and a small calculator. The second pocket has an envelope for each of the stores I shop at. Inside I keep coupons I plan to use at that store. I also have an empty unmarked envelope to put coupons I plan to use while at the store, so I make sure I do not forget anything. We had a big old box of envelopes so that was pretty cheap too.

I then used tabs. We got several of these last year before school started at our local library who was giving away several school supplies items. Each of my kids got one. This is the end of them though! I labeled my tabs with the following: food, personal care, baby stuff, cleaning supplies, household stuff, medicine, other, receipts, and rebates.

I then used some plastic sleeves that I already had on hand and put one behind each tab, then I put all of the food coupons all in one spot.

This is a plastic sleeve that I keep my receipts in. I read somewhere to keep all of your receipts because if you find a rebate, you may have already bought it and you can easily find your receipt. Also, the CVS ones have some information about your Extra Care Card.

This is a plastic sleeve that I keep my rebate forms in that I have not met all the requirements to mail off.

There are also two pockets in the back of the notebook that I keep my ads and other store related stuff like the Extra Care Bucks book for the month.

So, that's the book I created without spending any extra money on it. I like it but I know as I get more into this couponing, I may need to change a few things. It really did not take a long time to create either.

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