Friday, August 22, 2008

The Caregiver's Marketplace

Do you take care of someone who is sick, elderly, or even a child under 5? We'll I have 3 children under 5 that I take care of and they are in pull-ups and diapers. So, when I learned that The Caregivers Marketplace will reimburse some of your money for diapers/pull-ups I decided to give it a try. I have always bought generic diapers and thought I was saving money. Last week I got some great deals on diapers and pull-ups from CVS with my coupons and the sale. I bought 4 jumbo packs of pull-ups and 1 pack jumbo diapers that I planned to get a $5 rebate back from The Caregivers Marketplace, making my deal even better! Here's how it works go to The Caregivers Marketplace web page and sign up online. You will then get a savings number. You need to remember this number. Then you print off the reimbursement form and put your savings number on it. You then must buy 5 qualifying products for reimbursement. Huggies and Huggies Pull-ups are the only ones on there. You mark the ones you bought and add up your reimbursement amount due. You get $1 for each pack of diapers/ pull-ups. Then you circle the products on your original receipt and put this with the form and then put a stamp on and mail. It's that easy! you get a check back within 4-6 weeks. It really is easy. So, if you find a great deal on Huggies, you might want to consider this rebate. From my understanding, you can do this as many times as you buy the $5 products at least. I mailed mine off the other day so I will have to let you know about how soon I get it back. Hope this helps you out.

Here is an example of the savings from last week at CVS:

CVS Huggies Pull-ups $8.99 -$2.00 coupon and -$1.00 Marketplace rebate =$5.99 total for jumbo pack pull-ups. I also used the $2/$10 coupon 4 times so they were actually a little less than that. Not too bad when trying to save money on diapers/ pullups

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