Monday, August 18, 2008

Dollar General Store Penny Deal!!!

I went to the Dollar General Store last Tuesday to pick up some medicine and I as I was in line, the customer in front of me was trying to buy an ice cream scoop. The cashier asked them if they would not care if it was a metal one instead of plastic because they had some for a penny. I heard this and wanted to find out more about this penny sale! I got an ice cream scoop for a penny and then the cashier told me that the store marks items they are discontinuing to a penny, but the employees never know something is marked down until a customer checks out. Well she also told me there were some girl's shoes marked down to a penny and being a mother of a girl I had to check it out. There were two different kinds, but all of them were too big, but hey she will grow into them!
Total OOP $.o3!
Total Cost $16.00
Total Saved $15.97
WOW! What a deal!


Melissa said...

oh my gosh, that is so so awesome!

Mama Koala said...

What a great deal! Way to go.

Frugal Felicia said...

My heart just skipped a beat, lol. What a deal!