Monday, October 27, 2008

Rite Aid Purchases for Oct 26-Nov 1

Rebates are a little easier for me after I got 2 Rebate checks, now I am just rolling rebate money! I plan to use some of these items for Christmas! It is so nice to let someone else GIVE you Christmas gifts to give away!!! There was lots of free after rebate items this week! Here's what I got this week:

2 Suave Lotion $1.99 each (I got 25% more bottles!)
1 AxeShock Shower Gel $3.99
1 Adidas Body Wash $3.00
1 Oral B Artica Toothbrush $2.49
1 Kotex Maxi Pads $3.00
Total: $18.50 with tax
Coupons used:

$1.00 off Kotex pads (Sunday paper insert)
$1.00 off Adidas product
2/$1.00 off Suave Lotion (Nov All You Mag)
-$4.00 in coupons
$2.49 toothbrush
$3.00 Kotex pads
$3.99 AXE Shock Shower Gel
$3.00 Adidas Body Wash
Amount Due Back: $12.48

Total Out of Pocket: $2.02!! I only paid $.50 each for the Suave Lotions and tax and the rest were all FREE!

There was also a Suave Lotion rebate of $2.00 in the new rebate book, but it was not listed in the sales ad so I do not know it I can get this rebate or not until I see it it entered.

Update I had to call about the Suave Rebate because it did not show up and they did add it. So, I only paid .02 cents because of overage with my coupons.

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Renee said...

Wow! Really great savings!