Friday, October 3, 2008

New Progresso Light Coupons

I recently tried the New Progresso Light 1 Weight Watcher point per serving soups. I never really cared very much for the Progresso 0 Weight Watcher point soups, but these are so much better. I tried the Beef Pot Roast last night and it is so good!! You can get $.50 off and try one of these new soups here! You won't be sorry. They are so good! Remember to hit the back button a couple of times to get two coupons!
Friendly reminder- Check your points if you eat the whole can. 1 + 1 does not always equal 2 in WW world!


Renee said...

You are getting such great deals! Way to go!

Jenn said...

I really like the Light Italian Vegetable ...I have a hard time getting veggie soups that are truly veggie...this one is yummy and fills me up...and it is a zero points soup (unless...of eat the whole can like I do ;) )