Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grocery Cart Challenge

I try to spend about $120 a week on food for the week, stocking up and on items to put in my food storage. Here's how this week went.

Day's Resale Bakery

2 Loaves sandwich bread, 1 loaf potato bread, 1 Arnold Sandwich Thin-$4.00


5.34 lb bananas- $2.56

King Size M&M's- $1.00 (Child treat)
1.59 pounds tomatoes- $3.15
4.46 pounds red grapes- $5.44
2 Velveeta cups- $1.96
Smart Taste Rotini $1.50
2 Nature's Own Hamburger Buns- $3.94
Celery $1.36
Weight Watcher Cheese Singles- $3.62 minus $1.00 off coupon
Whole Cantaloupe $1.00
2 Fat Free Sour Cream-$2.00
2 Weight Watchers Yogurt- $1.08 minus $0.55 off 2 coupon
2 Weight Watchers Yogurt- $1.08 minus $0.65 off 2 coupon
Fat Free Yogurt- $2.14 minus $0.55 off coupon
2 bacon- $4.96 minus $1.50 off 2 coupon
Heart Smart Bisquick- $2.94 minus $0.60 off coupon
Cherry Limeade- $1.98
Herbal Tea- $2.32
2 popcorn seasoning- $3.74
2 pizza cheese- $3.96
Turkey Pepperoni- $3.32
2 frozen steam broccoli- $2.50
Lunch meat- $3.00
Weight Watchers Mexican Cheese- $2.68 minus $1.00 off coupon
Sunchips- $2.68
Great Northern Beans- $0.98
2 cooking spray- $3.36
Bacon pieces- $1.56
2 pasta sauce- $3.06
Salsa- $1.44
Whole Chicken $5.30
Fat Free Hot Dogs- $2.98
I Can't Believe It's not Butter- $3.24
2% Velveeta- $4.46
Orange juice- $1.98
Rice Krispies- $4.18 minus free coupon so I got for free!
Diet Dr. Pepper- $3.98
Nestle Water- $3.88 minus $0.50 off coupon
Total: $98.05

Save a Lot

Lettuce- $1.29
cucumber $0.59
apples $3.49
24 cans tomato soup- $11.76
Total: $17.13

Food City
3 bags popcorn: $4.47
Total: $4.47


2 gallons milk
1 bag rice
1 juicy juice
1 eggs
2 boxes cereal

Total for the week: $123.65

See how others spent their money this week at The Grocery Cart Challenge.


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