Monday, December 8, 2008

Walmart Price Matching

This year my little 3, almost 4, year old is into Dora Saves the Snow Princess stuff. So, on the top of her list is Fisher-Price Dora's Prance & Fly Pegasus. I went looking and everywhere I looked it was around $44. I really did not want to pay that much for a doll and horse, so I went searching for a better deal. As I looked at my Black Friday ads, I spotted the Kmart ad for the week after Black Friday, the doll and horse was in there for $29.99. I decided I had to get it since the price was so good! I had a lot going on at church on the Sunday which the sale started and I was already at Walmart so I decided to go price match. Walmart will match any advertised price for a store close to them. They will not match Buy one Get one Free deals or percentages off. It has to have a price listed. My Walmart has always matched CVS
and Rite Aid but I have heard some reports that they will not match a price that you need a discount store card to get the price. All you have to do is take the sale ad with you and show it to them. I have had them question a price before but never reject me because I know the price matching policy. Walmart will not price match any online store even there own, it must be a sale ad. So, as I went to price match I could find no Fisher-Price Dora's Prance & Fly Pegasus, so I asked someone stocking the toy shelves. He said they had two left in the back and went and got me one. The Kmart ad did not start until the next day, but they still price matched for me. This saved me time from going to the store the next day and I was already shopping at Walmart. Another thing I like to do is price match stores that do not take Internet coupons. Walmart will price match an item and take these coupons making my deal even better. So, if you need to save time running around to all the stores you might consider price matching at Walmart. as you do your regular shopping there. I know one little girl who is going to be so happy I did!

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