Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saving Money During the Holidays-Gifts

Christmas is a time that most people spend a lot of money or go into debt. Does it really have to be that way? I think we can have a really fun and relaxed holiday without spending a lot of money. Gifts is one area that we can really save money on. An expensive gift does not always mean the best gift. Some frugal things can be even more meaningful than an expensive gift. Here are some frugal gift ideas:

Frugal Christmas Gifts

-Baked goods wrapped nicely make a nice gift.

-Have the kids make something or use the holiday crafts they make at school. Family Fun magazine has some really neat ideas for kid's crafts.

-Write a poem or a special story for someone.

-Give coupons to redeem service, like washing the car, watching kids, etc. Here are some downloadable ones.

-Gifts in a Jar, such as soups, hot cocoa, cider. Here are some recipes and here are some more.

-Used Books

-Homemade Jams and Jelly, here is my favorite

-Framed school pictures, grandparents love these! You can find frames at dollar stores for real cheap!

-Collect samples from companies online throughout the year, Walmart is a great place to start, and put them in a gift basket decorated nicely. Teens love this!

-Make a recipe book with your most loved recipes to pass down to your family.

-Make a family ornament with a picture and the date included on it.

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FindItBuyIt said...

I think I'm going for making a gift out of crafts this year with my little cousins. My brother and I use to do these kinds of stuff when we were kids. Those were the days!