Monday, September 8, 2008

I Got Paid To Take This Home!

Rite Aid September 8
6 Mead Composition Books (Rain Check) 3/$.99
2 Bic Round Pins $.99
15 Rite Aid Filler Paper 3/$.99
13 Rite Aid Notebook 3/ $.99
3 Elmer's Glue $.99
4 Colgate Total Advance Toothpaste $3.99 each
2 Revlon Eye Shadow $4.29 B1G1 free
Total Before Coupons and B1G1 free: $40.71
Coupons Used:
4/ $1.50 off Colgate Total Advance from Sept All You Magazine
4/ $1.00 off Rite Aid Coupons for Colgate Total Advance from Keep Your Smile Under Any Conditions!(Found at the Pharmacy)
5/ $1 off Rite Aid Filler paper
5/ $1 off 70 ct Notebook
2/ $2.00 off Revlon Cosmetics
2/ $.75 off Bic Pens
2/ $1.50 off Mead Composition Books
Total after coupons and B1G1 Free- $6.06!!!!!
Rebate Due $10.00 for 4 Colgate Toothpaste
Total After Rebate: +$3.94 I made $3.94!!!!

Note: I am stocking up on school supplies stuff while they are cheap and I plan to put in some Christmas boxes for needy children at the holidays.

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Renee said...

What a deal!! How do you do this? Are you using any guidelines to help you get the best sales?